Streaming Video Service

Designed in collaboration with faculty and students, Stream It offers the interface and features you've been looking for in a streaming video platform. Utilizing the technology of IBM Watson, you can easily automate the closed captioning process.

If your institution already has Stream It, go to your login page to get started. DCCCD employees can access Stream It by clicking the following link.



Stream It is lightweight, responsive, and easy enough to start using on your first try.

Simple & Light

The simplified interface gets you right to the content.


Stream It can be accessed across any device without an app.


IBM Watson integration for automated closed captioning.


Stream It can be hosted on your hardware or in our cloud.

Built by Educators for Educators

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Stream It Benefits

Responsive Design

Stream It works on all your internet connected devices.

Tech Support

Talk to a person Monday through Friday 8-5 CST

Clean Interface

Designed to get out of your way by keeping it simple.

IBM Watson

Integrated with IBM Watson to bring you the power you need when you need it most.

Built by Educators

Developed in collaboration with the Dallas County Community College District

Installation Options

Stream It can be installed, hosted, load balanced and so much more.